Battlecruiser Games Team

  • Rafael

    [Game Designer]

  • hANNA


  • Andrey


  • Albert


  • Zeratul


  • Danila

    [Producer &
    Game Designer]

  • Artuom

    [Lead Artist]

  • Valery


  • Dzmitry


  • Alexey


  • Rocksteady


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Calgary, AB, Canada


Did you raise an eyebrow when you stumbled upon the title "ABOUT OUR SOMPANY"? Ah, we see you there, contemplating whether it was a typo and we meant "COMPANY." Well, hold on to your linguistic hats because we we did it on purpose! But beware, dear reader, once you enter, you might never want to leave. Our linguistic antics are addictive, and you'll find yourself craving more delightfully unusual errors, more unexpected typos, and more magnificently peculiar oversights!

You didn't notice how we implanted a mental virus into your consciousness, which will make you feel a heightened interest in the Battlecruiser games team. If you decided to read this meaningless nonsense to the end, it means the virus has already been installed in your brain, and we succeeded.

Once upon a time in a land where coffee fueled creativity and game controllers were considered extensions of one's hand, a group of gaming aficionados decided to turn their love for Warcraft 2 and ergonomic office chairs into something grand. With laptops as their trusty steeds and code as their magic spell, they embarked on a journey to found Battlecruiser Games – where epic quests and coding marathons intertwined. And after stopping the great invasion of bugs in the code, a legend was born!This is how we want our story to sound.

In 2013, our journey began with the development of a social media game. However, a temporary setback occurred when one of our programmers fell ill. Swiftly, we brought another skilled coder on board to continue our mission. Then we successfully navigated through the Greenlight process. Subsequently, we undertook the task of porting the game to the Steam platform, marking another milestone in our endeavor.