Guards 2

Guards 2

ABOUT “Guards 2”

Guards II is a straightforward turn-based tactic game with extremely simple rules, but very deep mechanics. The player needs to swap two heroes to make a move. It may sound easy, but in reality, it requires a lot of thinking and planning ahead.


  • An original turn-based Battle System.
  • Eight heroes with unique abilities and battle techniques.
  • A skills system with a variety of options.
  • A complex upgrade tree for each hero.
  • A reworked item system with many additions.
  • Five different underworlds with a unique bestiary, divided into a total of 80 levels.
  • Hell mode with an additional 80 missions, higher difficulty, new enemies, and other additions.
  • Special in-game challenges for each mission to test the player's skills.


The main feature of the game is a unique turn-based battle system. You command a team of four heroes, with three of them fighting on the front line, while the fourth recovers health at the back. To make a move, you need to change the positions of any two heroes. When a hero moves from the back line to the front, they unleash a super attack. For example, the Monster Hunter fires an arrow storm that damages all enemies on the line and reduces their resistances, while the Alchemist heals an ally with a restoration potion.

New features in the sequel

Guards II is a sequel that introduces entirely new features to the game. Firstly, all heroes and enemies possess one of four attack types: Physical, Fire, Magic, and Death. Each unit has resistances against specific attack types, while also having vulnerabilities to others. Mastering the art of discovering the most effective attack type combination and exploiting enemy defenses constitutes one of the core strategic elements of the game.

Another great addition to the game is the introduction of hero stances. Now, every hero has two stances that can be changed following certain rules. Each stance features a different attack type, resistances, way of performing a regular attack, and effects of the ultimate ability. For example, the Wizard in the first stance is just an ordinary spellcaster, hurling magic balls for regular attacks and more potent magic balls for the ultimate ability. However, when changed to the Fire Wizard form, it can attack any enemy on the battlefield with a regular fire attack, while the ultimate ability sends three meteors to an enemy in each line. All heroes have two stances, each offering diverse gameplay styles and strategic possibilities.

Skills & Upgrades

In the original game, each hero had only 9 upgrades. However, in the sequel, every hero now has a unique tech tree with over 30 upgrades, each comprising 2 to 3 levels. The player gets to choose which upgrades to learn first. Furthermore, the item system has been completely reworked. Items are no longer single-use. Instead, players accumulate a new resource that determines how many items they can bring into battle. The higher the value a player has, the more potent the items they can wield. Lastly, the number of skills has been increased from 5 to 7. These additional skills bring a lot of new strategic elements to the game. You can discover and learn about them in the game! Players can even bring a 5th hero into battle!

Story and Challenge modes

On top of that, Guards II offers 160 missions thoughtfully divided into five completely different underworlds, each featuring unique monsters with their own abilities, as well as challenging end-world bosses. The game also includes a punishing Challenge mode designed for true strategy fans, which is exceptionally tough to beat. Furthermore, all missions in the game come with special in-game achievements that test the tactical skills of hardcore players.

All of these features make Guards II one of the most captivating strategy games that all strategy fans should definitely give a try!


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